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Your Plain Hut will be made to your specifications. Below are some of the more popular options to consider but we are always open to new ideas. This page is a work in progress and is developing as we develop. Please be patient if the information you need is missing, just give us a call or email and we will get the relevant information to you.



We use only powder coated aluminium windows. These windows have high thermal insulation, let the light in and give the huts their distinctive style.   The size , shape and colour  of the windows and doors can be changed to suit your preferences.  Each variation will be quoted for on an individual basis.


Wood Burning Stoves

We think we have the nicest stoves available. They are the perfect size and their contemporary style fits perfectly with our concept. We absolutely love them. The quality of workmanship is gorgeous.

Prices below are for fully fitted external stoves complete with cowl, silicone flashing, flue, slate stand and heat reflective back stand. Stoves fitted internally will use a twinwall flue. Click “more info” for internal stove prices.


The interior of a shepherd’s hut needs to allow for changes in temperature and must have some flexibility to allow for movement. A plastered wall would not be suitable. The traditional solution is tongue and groove and is available should you wish it. We have, however, gone to quite some effort to come up with some alternative solution that we feel are more in keeping with the Plain Hut look.