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Plain Huts: Reflections 2019

Plain Huts: Reflections 2019

Plain Huts: Reflections 2019

Truthfully, I am really not into the whole New Year’s celebrations extravaganza. In my experience if you get embroiled into a New Year’s party it’s a long evening spent talking to people you have already seen a lot over the Christmas period, consuming yet more unneeded calories and stumbling over the words of Old Langsyne.  On the other hand, I do like to spend some time at this time of year taking a look back at the last twelve months and making plans for the next.

Today I thought I would share with you some of the key moments of Plain Huts during 2019.

We began the year with a photo shoot of a beautiful hut we had delivered to the New Forrest in December 2018: the perfect environment for a shepherd’s hut.


The next milestone was the launch of a Book in which we were included. The book is called Deepest Wiltshire and is the second in a series of Deepest books. Its 250 pages catalogue the history, the food, places of interest and the crafts of Wiltshire. The proceeds from the sales of the book raise money for three worthy charities and copies can be bought from http://deepestbooks.co.uk/

Another exciting and long awaited day was the day that our gorgeous shepherd’s hut for children was revealed. The hut is to be known as the Bo Peep. So now we have the Romney, the Jacob, the Manx and the Bo Peep in our catalogue. Bo Peep was loaded into the back of Twinkle, my truck, and transported to Rowdeford Garden fair where it is fair to say, it was well received! It was a great day out and I came home with a couple of smashing plants; could not resist! This year’s date for the fair is Sunday 17th May 2020. To find out more https://www.rowdefordcharity.org.uk/events/53-garden-fair

Possibly the most memorable day of 2019 was the day I drove to Monmouthshire to deliver a kit to Luke. The drive was uneventful. I arrived in good time and waited for Luke to arrive. The last part of the drive had been along a grassy track which had stopped abruptly at a dead end. On my right was an entrance to a cottage. It was a sharp right hand turn over a narrow wooden bridge. Hmmm, I thought, this is going to be tight. Luke arrived and we decided that there was little option but to have a go. Reversing back along the half mile of track would be a challenge and there was no space to turn the trailer around. So I reversed and positioned myself as far into the left hand side of the bank as I dared and attempted to drive into the entrance. The inevitable happened. I was stuck on a wooden bridge and could move neither backwards or forwards. To cut a long story short: Luke had a chain saw which he knew how to use and which started first time! He cut down the gate post on one side and the fence posts on the other side. We then inched the vehicle and the trailer into the small area at the front of the cottage. I was then in another predicament. The kit needed to be driven into the garden at the back of the house and the access was about 10 feet to my left. I had about 10 feet in front and behind me to manoeuvre and so it took ‘a number’ of shufflings back and forth to get lined up with the gap into the garden. And then I was in, and, as Luke had said, it was a large garden
with plenty of room for a hut!

The kit was unloaded without further ado and then we had to repeat the process to get out which took another 45 minutes of heaving and pulling and shuffling, but we succeeded and apart from the fence no major damage was done.

The highlight of the last part of the year was that the off grid hut was sold to a lovely couple who live off grid in Wales and so this was just exactly what they needed. I really enjoy building show huts that are a bit indulgent. I take the opportunity to build them as I want to and to showcase something new. Then I get nervous that no one else will like what I have done but in fact there has always been someone who has come along and fallen in love with them and so it was really lovely to find that person for our off grid hut. It has not yet been delivered so if you still want to see it you can!

So, there you have it: The highlights of 2019. I wonder what 2020 will bring!

Happy New Year everyone.