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Why “Plain” Huts?

Why “Plain” Huts?

Why “Plain” Huts?


Some of our shepherd’s huts are indeed ‘plain’ but many are really quite fancy and so some of you may have wondered why we call ourselves Plain Huts.

Well, it is very simple really; we live and work in a wonderful part of England, in Wiltshire, in a sweet little village called Tilshead and the village is right in the middle of Salisbury Plain. Hence, Plain Huts.

There you have it, mystery solved. Without the Plain on our doorstep, we would never have begun to build Shepherd’s huts. On this expanse of chalk plateau covering about 300 square miles, sheep have been tended for hundreds of years and therefore the shepherd’s hut is part of the surroundings and was our inspiration. The link between sheep and shepherd’s huts and Salisbury Plain seems natural and here at Plain Huts we hope to be worthy of this heritage.

Salisbury Plain is home to the Defence Training Area and it is common for local residents of Tilshead to be listening to a range of artillery generally exploding around us. The army first conducted exercises on the plain in 1898 and now the military training area covers roughly half of the plain. This brings with it a range of discussions but it cannot be denied that because of the Army’s presence the Plain is a largely wild and unpopulated area and host to a wide range of rare or endangered flora and fauna. It is a very beautiful landscape and I leave you today with some of the amazing images caught by Barbara Leatham who lives in Tilshead and is a professional photographer.

These images and many more are available for sale at barbaraleatham.co.uk. Just go to the client login and type ‘simplylandscapes’. If you are looking for a professional photographer for any reason, Barbara will be able to help.