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Tips & Tricks: Having Guests To Stay In Your Hut

Tips & Tricks: Having Guests To Stay In Your Hut

Tips & Tricks: Having Guests To Stay In Your Hut


By design, our huts are both functional and attractive. Whether you want an extra guest space, a home office or a holiday rental, there are a multitude of ways to customise the interior to suit your individual needs. 

Last week, we shared a handful of tips for transforming your hut into a home office that will inspire productive and stress-free work days. This week’s post is for those who plan on using their hut as a guest space, whether those guests are loved ones or you hope to start your own holiday rental business.

Decide on the best sleeping arrangement

The first thing you’ll need is a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. However, sleeping arrangements may depend on the size and model of your hut.

A sofa bed is probably the best option for our smaller huts as it can serve your guests both day and night. Sofa beds can be notoriously uncomfortable, so do your research and find the best quality within your price range — preferably one that’s easy to put up and down.

If you’ve opted for one of our larger models, you will be able to fit a full-sized double bed into your hut. You could consider a mini double if you’d like to save some floor space; they still sleep two comfortably but take up a little less room.

Find some clever storage solutions

Provide storage for bedding if you choose a sofa bed so it can be kept out of the way during the day. Some have storage built in; if not, you’ll have to find another option. Consider a wicker basket that can double as a coffee table, making sure it’s large enough to store a duvet as well as sheets and pillows. Even if you’re providing your guests with a full-sized bed, you might want to include a similar solution to hold spare bedding and towels.

Your guests are also likely to arrive with a suitcase or two. Install hooks for hanging towels, coats and dog leads and, if you have space for a small wardrobe, be sure to leave a handful of hangers so guests can hang their clothes.

Stock up on the basics

Believe it or not, we can fit a fully equipped kitchen into our shepherd’s huts, which is perfect if you want to give your guests a full self-catering experience. To ensure your guests can quickly make themselves at home, you could stock the cupboards with basics including tea, coffee, fruit, milk, eggs, bread and cereal. If you don’t include a kitchen, you can still provide your guests with coffee and tea making facilities on a small bar cart or folding table with a kettle, mugs, individual packets of sugar and UHT milk, as well as some snacks and perhaps some bottled water and glasses.

Add a little luxury

Really impress your guests by offering them their own en suite bathroom (available for both on-grid and off-grid huts). Go the extra mile by laying out scented soaps, travel sized toiletries, plenty of toilet rolls and a pile of fluffy towels.

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Turn a deal breaker into an adventure

There’s no reason your guests should be any less comfortable without an en suite. Leave a large, good-quality umbrella inside the hut to protect their trips to the bathroom from bad weather, and a bag or basket that will allow them to easily transport their toiletries. Consider agreeing on a shower schedule at the beginning of your guests’ stay to avoid any queues!

Keep your guests nice and toasty

Our huts are made to the highest standard, are fully insulated and can even include underfloor heating. There’s no need to store bedding inside your house, and your guests should be nice and warm throughout their stay. However, it might be an idea to provide an electric blanket in case it does get a little chilly, particularly during the winter months.

Add some tradition and charm

A wood burning stove is a wonderfully traditional addition to a shepherd’s hut that will surely be appreciated by your guests. Leave them with the necessary supplies to light a fire including sturdy matches, plastic wrapped fire lighters and lots of dry kindling and wood. If they’re not sure how to use the stove, why not give them a demonstration when they first arrive?

Share your local knowledge

Leaving your guests with a helpful folder of information will make for a stress and fuss free stay. Include instructions for the heating and any appliances, the password for your wifi, some useful contacts, and a friendly reminder of any rules and restrictions. You could also incorporate a guide to the local area, pointing out popular walking trails, shops and restaurants.

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Anticipate accidents

Although you wouldn’t expect your guests to clean during their stay, it might be a good idea to leave them with a couple of cloths, some all-purpose cleaner, and a dustpan and brush so they can deal with any spillages or little accidents without any worry.

Include some space-saving features

We can incorporate bedside lights into the walls of your hut, meaning you can use bedside tables that are half the usual size — a great space-saving feature that won’t deprive your guests of any modern conveniences.

Blinds are easier to keep clean than curtains, especially in a room that has the potential to be used by a lot of people. They are also less bulky and will, therefore, save precious space!

Add a few finishing touches

Take your hosting to another level by putting some focus on smaller details. Welcome your guests with a vase of fresh flowers, and be sure to leave plenty of magazines, books, blankets and cushions to enhance your guests’ downtime. LED candles are also a lovely, romantic touch — and safer than normal candles!

Do you like the idea of hosting guests in your own shepherd’s hut? What features would you include? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!