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Space For Life

Space For Life

Space For Life


Here at Plain Huts we believe that everyone needs their own space. A space to call your own; somewhere to nurture your ‘self’.  Without the space to stop and rest, life can become one long continuous list of ‘things to do’.

Years ago my daughter looked at a list I had composed for that day. She then went and got a pen and added to the list. My heart sank. But what she had added about half way down were the words, ‘have a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate’. Wise words from a teenager! And a lesson I took to heart.

You may live in a luxurious open plan space but crave a private area that is just yours; or in a small house full of crazy teenagers; maybe you look for a quiet peaceful retreat when you go on holiday or you need to separate work from home life. There are so many moments when we just need that small space to give ourselves, our family or our guests that room to breathe.

We built a hut for a couple last year. The plan was to use the hut as an extra income as part of the retirement plan. As yet that has not happened. What has happened is that ‘Jane,’ who is still working as a head teacher, has found it the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset and ‘John’ sneaks out to the hut with his grandson and reads him stories away from the hubbub of general life.

Plain Huts: Giving you space for life.