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The Wheels Maketh The Hut!

The Wheels Maketh The Hut!

The Wheels Maketh The Hut!

shepherd's hut wheels

Here at Plain Huts, we don’t adhere to tradition just for tradition’s sake. I am a great respecter of craftsmanship and hand skills and nothing pleases me more than learning about a new technique or a tried and tested tip handed down through generations. However, when developing our Shepherd’s hut designs, we have not clung to the old ways where new is better! For instance, you will have noticed, we use a lot of glass in our huts,  letting in the light and allowing the occupant to see the surroundings.

Our wheels, on the other hand, are steeped in tradition. A Shepherd’s hut is, essentially, a hut on wheels. Without the wheels, it is nothing special — and the better the wheels, the more lovely the hut.

Our wheels are inspired by Tasker wheels. I spied them on an old hut nearby and the dog was walked there on a regular basis until they had been thoroughly measured, photographed and documented. I was determined that wheels similar to these would adorn my huts.

And so the search for a foundry began. After an interesting range of quotes and conversations, we found a foundry near Heathrow. Gary, the owner, was always polite but it was pretty clear that he thought he was dealing with a mad woman and her hair brained idea. Nonetheless, we agreed to work together and the lads at the foundry have been making my wheels ever since.

The large wheels are 1 meter across and weigh 120kg and the smaller ones are 0.7m across and weigh a mere 80kg.

Four years later, our wheels have brought satisfied smiles to many customers. A regular comment is: “I just love these wheels”. They are large, substantial and elegant. They set off a hut perfectly and are substantial enough for the larger sizes that are so popular nowadays. We leave them ‘au naturel’ and allow them to rust — a stunningly beautiful finish.

These wheels are only available from Plain Huts. We sell them with our kits and our bespoke huts. They are fitted to oak axles and the final rolling chassis is articulated and can be towed gently for short distances if required. I believe they are the best shepherd’s hut wheels on the market and I am confident that when you see them in the flesh you will agree!