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Moving A Shepherd’s Hut Kit Into A Tight Spot

Moving A Shepherd’s Hut Kit Into A Tight Spot

Moving A Shepherd’s Hut Kit Into A Tight Spot

Hut Kit

As you know, Plain Huts make a ‘flat pack’ kit that allows you to build your own shepherd’s hut. The kit provides you with the basic structure; a blank canvas that you can really make your own. It’s a perfect summer project and a very popular option for those with a penchant for DIY.

In truth, the term ‘flat pack’ isn’t entirely accurate. The kit arrives with the chassis fully assembled and is therefore pretty three dimensional. Whilst this is an advantage in terms of assembly time, you still need good access into the area the hut is destined for.

Where access is particularly difficult, however, it is quite possible to dismantle the chassis into component parts before moving it into place and rebuilding it. We have several customers who have done this themselves with great success and have recently done this ourselves for a customer nearby for whom the only access into the garden was over a post and rail fence!

We thought you might like to take a look at the team at work. We started at 9am and had the hut watertight and ready for first fix by 3pm!

Obviously, we have a certain advantage having done this a time or two before, but it gives you an idea of how possible it is to get a shepherd’s hut into an unlikely spot provided you have a few willing volunteers and a ‘can do’ attitude!

If you have any questions about our flat pack kits, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!