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Some Plain Huts Outtakes

Some Plain Huts Outtakes

Some Plain Huts Outtakes

plain huts outtakes shepherds hut

I am hopeless at taking photos of us all at work, as my attempts to engage with Instagram will testify. Taking the time to stop and record stuff is just not something I do and that includes when things go a little off piste!

Over five years, however, there are a few photos of the unusual and the amusing and so, while I am on holiday in Australia, I thought you might like to see into the workings behind the scenes at Plain Huts.

There was the time we sent one of our brochures to Linda Snell! She would have been so much better off buying a hut from us!

This one shows us making a delivery of a hut! At this point it has been reversed up a very narrow stone walled lane that is so steep we have parked the Land Rover above it and roped it to it. My job is to release the tension on the rope when I receive the instruction to do so, inch by inch.

It was winter and the lighting fuse had gone. I came back from lunch to find Nick relying rather too heavily on the light attached to the band saw. Please don’t let health and safety see this one!

Whilst building this wall I had not considered that it was too wide and too tall to transport lying down on the bed of the truck. We had such fun strapping this one down!

Our first company vehicle was an old Defender. When we got it back and my husband investigated further this was the state of the wiring loom. It was working but, we thought it prudent to replace it!

I am told that they are just inspecting the progress of the delivery but I am pretty sure they are praying, or maybe just resting.

This is a picture of the guy who cleans up the wheels after casting. I assume he is unaware of the mask on his head.

Next week: some outtakes from our photo shoots!