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Photoshoot Outtakes

Photoshoot Outtakes

Photoshoot Outtakes


Beautiful shots like these don’t just ‘happen’! They are the combination of hard work, meticulous organisation, calling in favours and luck.

Photo shoots always seem to happen out of season. Magazines work at least four months ahead and so we find ourselves shooting for Spring/Summer in February, attempting to make it look summery!

This is the start of a day in which we did five different shots (never again). It is, in fact, a very organised collection. Ikea bags are the way forward!

Its minus four and time for the cream tea shot! My hands are so blue!

Then disaster! We were changing the back wall around to give a different back drop and it landed on Heather’s toe. Ouch.

I had brought a warming lentil soup for lunch. The lid came off and I had a bag full of lentils so I filled it with water from the river and agitated it to clean it out. It was so cold that day that I was also pacing up and down along the river bank. All perfectly sensible! After a while I became aware that Jo and Heather were crying with laughter, apparently the image of someone in a fur hat, peering into an apparently empty bag whilst shaking it and pacing looks a bit, shall we say, ‘special’? Luckily, there is no video!

In order to photograph the compost toilet well, we built a unit that could be taken outside. The only trouble was that the cat loved it.

There’s a hail storm upon us and we have were planning to do the beach house shot next!

Eventually the bag got caught in the barbed wire fencing!