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Giving Our Shepherd’s Huts A Stamp Of Quality

Giving Our Shepherd’s Huts A Stamp Of Quality

Giving Our Shepherd’s Huts A Stamp Of Quality

shepherd's huts

Here at Plain Huts, we pride ourselves on our distinct and unique design. Over the years, we’ve developed and honed our style, settling on a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary.

We aim to extend this combination to the smallest details of our shepherd’s huts, including the nameplate that we proudly display on each of our completed huts. Every brightly enamelled metal plate includes our logo and the number of that particular hut. While manufacturer nameplates are often a feature of traditional shepherd’s huts, we’ve given ours a more modern design — and we even provide a matching keyring!

Nameplates aren’t limited to shepherd’s huts. Many iconic manufacturers — such as Aga and Robert’s Radios — have chosen to brand their products with a printed, etched or engraved metal nameplate. In fact, it was once common place to display a nameplate on anything from kitchen appliances, electrical goods and furniture to cars, bicycles and other vehicles. More recently, they give character and a touch of vintage charm to the few products that still display them. A well-designed plate really adds to the ambience of a product and often become iconic in their own right.

We are of the strong belief that nameplates provide more than just a decorative feature. They add a personal touch and, in our case, each plate is unique with its own number. Above all else, a nameplate shows that the manufacturer is proud of their identity and confident in the quality of their product. It’s a true stamp of quality, which is why we’re proud to attach a plate to every hut that we make.

Have you got a favourite iconic manufacturer’s nameplate? Let us know in the comments below and, as always,don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our huts. We are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!