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What Makes Our Shepherd’s Huts Different?

What Makes Our Shepherd’s Huts Different?

What Makes Our Shepherd’s Huts Different?

shepherd's hut

Breaking news! Plain Huts is not the only company building shepherd’s huts today!

Yes it’s true; we do not have a monopoly on the shepherd’s hutS! Anyone seriously considering purchasing a hut will soon find a wealth of options to think about. Maybe it would be helpful to clarify what it is that we do differently:

The contemporary look

Whilst many prefer to faithfully recreate or renovate original shepherd’s huts, Plain Huts have committed to continuing the shepherd’s hut evolution into the 21st century. Our unique take on the hut blends the nostalgic charm of traditional designs with more contemporary ideas, prioritising comfort and adaptability. The space is clutter free and highly compatible with modern life.

We understand that while one hut design will suit one person, it might not suit another. So, we don’t limit ourselves to cookie cutter designs. All our huts are completely bespoke, made to our customers’ individual specifications.


Our big cast iron wheels are one of the more traditional elements of our huts. They are all cast to our own design here in the UK and cannot be purchased elsewhere. With the largest wheel measuring one metre in diameter, our wheels are bigger and more impressive than most other wheels available. What’s more, they’re made to last pretty much forever!


Our signature western red cedar cladding is both beautiful and practical. It’s remarkably low maintenance, needing little to no upkeep and will last for at least twenty years! The wood has a lovely warm red colour when first installed which slowly mellows to silver over time.

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Traditional shepherd’s huts usually have relatively small windows. We’ve opted for large windows which let in plenty of light and allow you to soak up the view. Our windows are double glazed and gas filled for maximum thermal efficiency and are made with powder coated aluminium frames which require no maintenance.

Thinking laterally

We’re not afraid to think outside the box. We have, for instance, placed a wood burning stove outside on a veranda on many of our huts. Having insulated our huts so they barely need any interior heating, the stove can be used for relaxing evenings in the garden. That way, you can really make the most of your hut — inside and out.

Knowing that many of our customers use their huts as guest suites or BnBs, we’ve also successfully experimented with installing fully equipped kitchens and luxurious en-suites in our huts! You needn’t sacrifice any home comforts with our shepherd’s huts, making them a perfectly comfortable temporary living space.

If you have any questions about our shepherd’s huts, don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.