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Choosing The Cladding For Your Shepherd’s Hut

Choosing The Cladding For Your Shepherd’s Hut

Choosing The Cladding For Your Shepherd’s Hut


Every customer that we’ve worked with has presented a different mental image of their ideal shepherd’s hut. To ensure these dream huts become a reality, we build to each customer’s unique specifications.

There are many decisions to make when ordering your hut, but the wall cladding is one of the most important. We offer two different materials: western cedar and corrugated iron.

First and foremost, cladding must be suitable for outdoor use and protect your hut from unpredictable weather conditions. It must stand up to wind, showers, sun and snow. Both cedar and corrugated iron meet this criteria. So, when deciding between the two materials, three other factors must be to taken into account: cost, maintenance and appearance.


Although we promise that our shepherd’s huts are worth every penny, they are quite an investment. Cost may often be a deciding factor when choosing the different elements of your hut.

While both cladding materials are high quality and give you plenty of value for money, corrugated iron is the most cost-effective option (guide price: £600). Cedar may be beautiful, but it is more expensive (guide price: £1800).

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Once your shepherd’s hut has been built and delivered, the last thing you want is to spend hours maintaining the cladding. You should be enjoying your hut, not labouring over it! Luckily, both cladding materials require little to no maintenance. Corrugated iron will last for years and cedar is protected by its own oils, making it remarkably low maintenance.

The natural red of cedar will, however, fade to a silvery colour over time. While many prefer to allow the cladding to fade, you will need to oil it every two years if you want to maintain the original colour.


The most obvious difference between the two cladding options is their appearance.

Our virtually knot free cedar cladding has a homely yet contemporary feel. When first installed, the wood is a warm red which slowly mellows to a lovely silver over time if left unoiled. Corrugated iron, on the other hand, gives a more traditional feel. It was the original cladding for traditional shepherd’s huts after all!

If you decide to go for iron, you have the choice of galvanised iron or powder-coated iron. Galvanised iron is a shiny silver, which will fade to a softer silver with time. Powder coated iron, however, gives you even more options. You can pick any colour to give your hut a truly unique personality: from sophisticated maroon to bright and sunny yellow. The possibilities are endless!

Which cladding material do you prefer? If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact us directly or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter