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FAQs: Building A Shepherd’s Hut Using Our Kits

FAQs: Building A Shepherd’s Hut Using Our Kits

FAQs: Building A Shepherd’s Hut Using Our Kits

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At Plain Huts, we not only build beautiful bespoke huts; we also supply kits for those of you who have the time, the skill and the inclination to build your own! The kits are designed to give you a head start. They save you having to source wheels, axles, and roofing material and the basic structure of the hut can be assembled in just one weekend!

For further information about the kits, request an online brochure. It will cover prices and the range of options available. You can also read an interview with one of our previous customers who put together one of our kits in order to make a bedroom for his daughter!

At this time of year, the kit is particularly popular as people plan for the summer, and the longer days inspire us to get outside and get busy. For those of you seriously considering building a hut, we have put together a list of FAQ’s that may be helpful!

What size is the kit?

We have three standard sizes as described in the brochure but each kit is built to the customer’s specifications so we can adjust sizes accordingly. The maximum finished length is 5m and the maximum finished width is 2.4m.

Can I have the door at the side of the hut?

Our customers can specify where they want the door and window/s placed. We send you a planner to mark where you want to have the door and window/s, and what size they will be.

What is included in the kit?

The kit will arrive as a rolling chassis with the four walls laid on top with the roofing tin and the rafters. We also supply the fixings for the roof.

What will I still need to buy to complete the hut?

You will need to buy: flooring, internal cladding, external cladding*, insulation*, roof lining, door and window/s. You may also choose to install lighting and a wood burning stove.

(* insulation and external cladding are included in some kits.)

Click for full-sized images.

How long will it take me to finish my hut?

Well, that’s a tricky one to answer but I can tell you that it is possible to have the kit up and waterproof within a weekend (you will need a couple of mates to help raise the walls at this stage). How long it takes you to complete the rest of the project is really up to you!

What skills do I need to build a hut?

By buying the kit, you really have simplified the project. What you are left with is essentially a shed to complete. With a little experience, a few basic tools and some common sense (otherwise known as ‘Google’), the job is quite achievable.

How quickly can I get a kit?

Kits take three weeks to arrive from receipt of the deposit.

Can I collect the kit myself?

Probably not unless you have a flatbed beaver tail trailer. We can, however, deliver the kit to you. The charges vary but usually are £100 + £1.00 for the return distance.

I hope this has been of help, but if you need to know anything else, feel free to email me or phone for a chat on 07903 313 922. You can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!

If you live nearby or are passing, then drop in and see us at our workshop! We are more than happy to show you what we do.