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The Best Wheels In The Shepherd’s Hut Trade

The Best Wheels In The Shepherd’s Hut Trade

The Best Wheels In The Shepherd’s Hut Trade


Wheels are arguably one of the most integral parts of a shepherd’s hut. Without them, a shepherd’s hut would just be a plain old hut!

Traditionally, shepherd’s huts were towed across rough terrain, providing shepherds with shelter while they tended to their flocks. So, of course, wheels were an essential element of the original design. A variety of different wheel designs have been observed over the years and there’s much argument to be had over which is the most authentic. But, above all else, they were made to be hard wearing and reliable to suit their original purpose.

Today, wheels are an impressive feature that turns huts from mundane to amazing. But, they still serve a practical function, allowing shepherd’s huts to be moved if necessary. There’s no need to commit to one specific plot and, if you decide to relocate completely, you can take your hut with you. Your shepherd’s hut has the potential to be in your family for generations! Being mobile, shepherd’s huts very rarely need planning permission, making them an excellent alternative to a conventional outhouse or extension.

Regardless of opting for a more contemporary look for our huts, we’ve kept things more traditional with our wheels. To ensure the highest quality, they are cast in iron at a local foundry using traditional methods and our own unique pattern. They are completely unique and can’t be purchased anywhere else. We truly have the best wheels in the shepherd’s hut trade — and we’re not the only ones to say so!

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To add a touch of rustic charm, we allow them to age naturally. Not to worry, the rust is purely superficial and does not affect the wheels in any way!

Our wheels are also much bigger than average, making them far more impressive. The smaller back wheels have a diameter of 700m, which allows them to move underneath the hut as it’s steered. The larger front wheels are a whopping 1000m in diameter. You really wouldn’t want them rolling over your toes!

You don’t have to buy one of our complete huts to take advantage of our wonderful wheels. If you’re planning on building your own shepherd’s hut, we’d be happy to supply the wheels for your project as we have for many others. They also come as part of our flat pack kit which includes an entire chassis with wall and roof materials to give you a real head start!

Customers have frequently told us that our wheels look much more impressive in real life. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, we currently have two show huts on display: one at Leckford farm shop and another at the Old Potato Yard near Devizes. Feel free to contact us directly if you’d like to know more!