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  • What Makes Our Shepherd’s Huts Different?
    Breaking news! Plain Huts is not the only company building shepherd’s huts today! Yes it’s true; we do not have a monopoly on the shepherd’s hutS! Anyone seriously considering purchasing a hut will soon find a wealth of options to think about. Maybe it would be helpful to clarify what it is that we do differently: The […]
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  • Wood Stove Recipes: Halloumi & Mango Salad
    We’ve spoken several times about the versatility of our wood burning stoves… It’s so hard not to brag! Not only do they add a little traditional charm to your shepherd’s hut, but they provide warmth and can be used to cook simple meals! Last month, we showed you how to cook a simple yet tasty […]
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  • FAQs: Getting Planning Permission For Your Shepherd’s Hut
    In most cases, our customers don’t require planning permission for their shepherd’s huts and have, therefore, avoided the hassle that comes with submitting a planning application! However, a number of different factors determine whether or not permission is needed. For this reason, we always suggest investigating the planning rules and regulations in your area if […]
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  • Off-Grid Solutions
    It’s no wonder that “glamping” is becoming so popular. It marries the fun and charm of camping with the comfort and luxury of staying in a B&B. What’s more, it has become a surprisingly easy way to earn a second income with the emergence of sites such as AirBnB. Shepherd’s huts really lend themselves to […]
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  • FAQs: Building A Shepherd’s Hut Using Our Kits
    At Plain Huts, we not only build beautiful bespoke huts; we also supply kits for those of you who have the time, the skill and the inclination to build your own! The kits are designed to give you a head start. They save you having to source wheels, axles, and roofing material and the basic […]
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